TND Productions

TND Productions is your one stop professional audio and video productions company. Established in 1995 TND Productions brings a wealth of national and international experience to your functions and takes it to that next level of professionalism. TNDP has a vast array of equipment and can cater for anything from a small intimate cabaret venue to large outdoor stadium events.

Distributor for Audio, Lighting and Multi-Media products
Are you looking to invest in audio and video equipment. Pro Audio capital investment adds up very easily and purchasing the wrong equipment for your specific needs can cause major frustration a waste of capital. TNDP Retail provides you with specialist advice and very competative prices on a vast array of Pro audio equipment. We are regional distributor for a large range of products for Sound and Light City

TND Productions
Ironsyde St
George, WC
South Africa
33° 57' 22.2012" S, 22° 27' 40.4244" E
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044-873 2557
082 8002 052
De Dekke Outdoor Sonf Competition
Ballet Civic Centre
Sound Installation De Dekke
Duane at Diaz Pero Theatre 2008/2009
Petro SA Gala Evening
George Motor Show
1000 People at the Cheese Festival
Stage Lighting
Diaz Beach Outdoor Entertainment


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