CRAM-DECKER R169.90 from Debonairs !

Special Date: 
07/04/2021 (All day)

After the shibobos, goals and lucky shots, the whole team gets to lift the prize: the amazing Cram-Decker®! Gather your best players to tackle this giant of the pizza game! With three layers, abundant toppings and a cheese griller crammed crust, you’ll need a team to finish it! And at the special price of R169.90, you score big with the Cram-Decker®.

So, go on and secure the box for your team, order the Cram-Decker® for delivery today!

Mossel Bay - (044) 690 4865
Mossel Bay (Voorbaai) - (044) 695 4999
Knysna - (044) 382 0312/3

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Debonairs Knysna, Mossel Bay, WC
South Africa