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pawn shop second hand dealer georgeThe 2nd Hand Warehouse / Pawn Shop / Second Hand Dealer in George sells a variety of quality household items, Sport Gear & Equipment, Tools, Retro items, Solid Wood Furniture, Jewellery, Kitchenware, Decor, Electrical Equipment, Appliances and more.

Anything from A – Z !!!

We also buy all your unwanted goods for cash!!

We buy: Building material, Wood, Floor planks, Window frames, Ceiling planks and doorframes.

As well as: Coins, Gold, Silver, Kitchenware, CD’s, DVD’s, Rustic furniture, Bikes, Cars and boats.

Give us a call about the items you’d like to sell and we’ll advise you if we can purchase them!


– The 2nd Hand Warehouse – Antiques & Vintage Goods

– The 2nd Hand Clothing Warehouse


Why You Should Buy Second Hand

The 2nd hand warehouse and antiques George inside store

Many amazing treasures to be found in-store @ The 2nd Hand Warehouse & Antiques in George!

With the introduction of mass, low-cost production, more and more people feel less incentivized to buy used products. Regardless, the market for thrift items holds strong. Many of us have at least one item we bought at an auction, a second-hand store, or even charity shops. So, why buy second-hand when you can buy new ones?

Buying used goods, especially clothes, doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot afford something new. It could be that the items in second-hand shops may be rare vintage, limited in stock, or something of significant value which you may never have the opportunity to buy again if you miss out on it. But the most important reason is the environmental cost you’ll be saving. Whatever your reasons may be, choosing to shop for second-hand items is a great idea. They offer great value to you while doing the environment a huge favor.

When we talk about second-hand items or thrifting, we might easily think of clothes and garage sales. Yes, buying thrift clothing and other fashion items is most common. But items like furniture, books, electronics, baby gear, a new car, pre-owned gift cards, tools, kids toys and home care items, musical instruments, collectible toys, video games, save moneyand many others can also be bought as second-hand.

Buying these items from swap shops does not only save you some money when compared with what a new one costs. It also encourages reusing which is sustainable for the environment. In other words, you are doing yourself, as well as the environment some good when you shop for second-hand items.

We have discovered that environmental motivation and the willingness to act sustainably are quite different among customers1. Why then should you buy used items when you can afford a new one (or not)? Here are a few reasons that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  – Sustainable Living


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Second Hand

1. Get high-quality products for a cheaper price.

2. Decrease negative impact on the environmentThe 2nd Hand Warehouse and Antiques Second Hand Dealers and pawn shop George

3. Discover some luxury brands

4. Avoid unethical and controlling strategies of manufacturers

5. Decreases environmental pollution and save resources

6. Extends the life of an item

7. Allows you to bargain for a better price

8. Encourages community building

9. Support a good cause

10. Prevent waste


Visit The 2nd Hand Warehouse – Household, Sport & Tools in George to discover a world of  Second Hand Treasures!


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