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Perdepoort Horse Riding Trails WildernessVisit Perdepoort horse trails in Wilderness, for the best horse riding experience here in the Garden Route  – Enjoy a one and a half hour guided horse ride through the beautiful Wilderness forest, there is also a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy some food and drinks while taking in the breathtaking nature! It is an educational and a fun activity for everyone no matter the age or size. The horses are well looked after and very friendly, which makes the experience so much more pleasant. We ride on a private farm in wilderness, 6km from the village. Regular sightings of bushbuck and baboons make for an exciting experience. The indigenous forest is home to the Knysna Loerie, a beautiful bird, bush pigs, porcupines and even leopard. The horses are suitable for novice and experienced riders. the yellow wood tree is the national tree of South Africa, we can show you one between 300 and 400 years of age.


Perdepoort Horse Riding Trails Wilderness

For those who aren’t experienced with horse ridding but would like to enjoy this amazing experience, don’t worry we will guide and help you through it all. Our horses are very friendly and trained so that anyone can enjoy a ride through the beautiful wilderness, where there is a lot of beauty to be seen and appreciated.

When planning a trip like this, it would be advised to wear long pants to protect legs from chafing against the saddle, and close-toed shoes with a small heel to keep feet from slipping out of the stirrups. Avoid all clothing that could get tangled in equipment including scarves, thin tank top straps, and long, loose sweaters or shirts.





Here are a few tips to know before riding a horse (We will guide you through them again)

  • Have someone hold your horse for you while you get on.
  • Always check your girth! If it’s not snug enough, the saddle can “roll” when you try to get on.Perdepoort Horse Riding Trails Wilderness
  • Stand on the horse’s left side. (It’s customary to work from this side of the horse, so it will be accustomed to this.)
  • Hold the ends of the reins in your left hand, just in front of the saddle, but keep them loose. (Reins are what you use to steer your horse, so you’ll want to have them ready.)
  • Put your left foot in the stirrup. Make sure the ball of your foot is on the stirrup vs. sticking your foot all the way through to the heel.
  • Put your weight on your left foot and “step up” to a standing position. (Your right leg will be hanging next to your left.)
  • Swing your right leg up and over the horse’s rump, being careful not to accidentally kick them on the way.
  • Sit down in the saddle as gently as possible.
  • Adjust your stirrups to the proper length, or have your trainer do it for you.
  • Put your right foot in the other stirrup. Remember to center the ball of your foot on the stirrup, not your toe or heel.

Come and enjoy some horse riding in Wilderness, you will not regret it!

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Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness 2
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trail Wilderness 4
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trails 3
Perdepoord Horse Riding Trails Wilderness
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