Silver Edge drop awnings are the ideal option for a South African summer.

Summertime is here! It’s time to enjoy the weather outside, but not without protection. Drop awnings are ideal for this season as they help expand your living area outdoors while bringing some cool relief with their shade.

Protect your house and your family from the searing African sun with one of Silver Edge’s various awning options.

Drop awnings
Drop awnings are a popular choice for the outdoors. It’s no surprise when they come at excellent functionality, good value for money and add a fresh, contemporary style to your home or office space.

At Silver Edge, we go beyond functionality. We offer a variety of quality outdoor screen fabrics and colours for you to choose from to compliment your style. While durable, easy to clean and colour-fast, our awnings can still give your area a modern look.

Drop arm awnings
Our drop arm awnings are a wonderful option to protect areas from the glare and heat of the sun. They provide all the benefits of fixed awnings and are retractable. So when that winter wind blows through again, you can savour as much sun as you please. The adjustable aluminium arms allow you to set the awning at different angles to ensure continuous shade throughout the day.

Retractable arm awnings
Retractable awnings are a great feature for decks, windows and patios. You can extend and put them away when not in use. You can also motorize them so that your sunny bliss is at a click of a button. If that’s too much for you, they have rain, wind, and light sensors so that they can automatically deploy for certain weather conditions.

Let the team at Silver Edge help you find the right cooling solution for your home or office space.

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