Quality Dryden Doors available at Tradirrs in Knysna!


To view our Demo doors please pop into Tradirrs Store at the Waterfront in Knysna, Dryden Doors believe success comes with hard work, dedication and the commitment to deliver the promises made from the smallest to the largest business request. Above all, we believe in success through people.

Dryden Doors Products:

We meet all residential and commercial requirements with products and services that include the following:

*Full range of residential and commercial garage doors (supply and installation)
*Automation (supply and installation)
*Specialized rare wood garage doors entrance doors
*Garage door and gate hardware
*Repairs and service
*Site inspections
*Free quotations

Our products carry a 12-month guarantee against defective materials and workmanship. We have an after hour’s service available if and when required.

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Telephone: 044 004 0307 / 044 004 0308
Cell: 072 262 6994

Dryden Doors

The Tradirrs Knysna
18 Waterfront Drive
Knysna, WC, 6570
South Africa