Protect Your Plants while also saving water - Greenhouse Eco-Tunnels.

Our Eco-Tunnels are perfect for the backyard rural gardener, urban lifestyle, farmers and nurseries whilst extending your growing season and using less water to nurture your plants is only the start. Shield your plants from disease and wipe out the effects of solar radiation in one fell swoop with our globally sought-after products. These are just some of the additional benefits of investing in one of the most economical yet innovative gardening products available today.

The DIY kit couldn’t be easier to assemble and our comprehensive manual outlines everything that you’ll ever need to know about growing – in no time at all you’ll be able to get into the garden and enjoy a harvest to be proud of.

In addition to them being made from the strongest, thickest greenhouse plastic available on the market – 200 micron UV resistant, imported from Israel – you will be treated to a three year guarantee. In case desired, you’ll be able to cut the plastic to the exact dimensions of your ideal tunnel, and you even have the option of covering your tunnel with 40% black / white shade netting to protect your produce from any pests or searing temperatures outside.

Anchored to the ground, our Eco tunnels will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. PVC UV resistant structure has a fifty year lifespan and the plastic itself lasts about 10 years.

Advantages of Eco-Tunnels
· We use the 200micron, UV resistant plastic which is imported from Israel and can with stain the harshest sun rays.
· The strongest, thickest greenhouse plastic you get on the market
· Plastic has a 3 yr guarantee and a lifespan of about 10 yrs
· It is cut to size to fit over the entire tunnel, NO joins in the plastic
· The Structure is made from PVC – UV resistant – 50yr life span
· 2 doors for ventilation
· The tunnels are anchored firmly to the ground and can with stain harsh weather conditions.
· DIY Kit – Easy to assemble
· Comes with a complete manual

Benefits of Eco -Tunnels
· Protection of plants from bad weather & solar radiation
· Off-season nursery can be raised
· Crops are of very good quality and give good yield
· Use less water and save labour time
· Pests and diseases can be controlled easily
· Extend your growing season

Eco-Tunnels Offer 5 different sizes of DIY Greenhouse Tunnels. (24m / 9m / 12m / 6m / 3m ) Our Greenhouse Tunnels / Hobby Tunnels are perfect for growing your own all year round. With the high rise in Fresh Produce / NOT knowing how our food is grown and More produce daily been under the influence of GMO companies, We are forced to start growing our own. We strive to give high quality products and excellent service to our clients. Each Greenhouse Tunnel comes with a Gift Pack of Heirloom Seeds. ( 5 Packets ) These Heirloom Seeds are imported from Italy and are the true Tomatoes etc that Granny used to feed us........... Delicious.

Eco-Tunnels SIZES & PRICES:

3m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R13 950 With Plastic
R2 450 Netting accessory
R1 600 Irrigation
Delivery to BE QUOTED on address

6m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R16 950 With Plastic
R2 800 Netting Accessory
R2 100 Irrigation
Delivery to BE QUOTED on address

9m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R19 950 With Plastic
R3 300 Netting Accessory
R2 300 Irrigation
Delivery to BE QUOTED on address

12m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R21 950 With Plastic
R3 900 Netting Accessory
R2 800 Irrigation
Delivery to BE QUOTED on address

24m Tunnel - 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
R30 950 With Plastic
R4 500 Netting Accessory
R3 100 Irrigation
Delivery to BE QUOTED on address

Eco-Tunnels: with plastic OR 40% white/black shade cloth/netting
Add the 40% White / Black Netting Accessory for extra protection over the plastic to put on in the summer and take off in the winter. - Delivery prices to BE QUOTED according to delivery address for tunnels.

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