How to change your car engine oil

Changing car engine oil is not as bad as some may think. It should be done when oil has turned black (too late actually) or after 15 000 km. A few items are required,
• Drain tray 5-6 liter (for average car)
• New oil & filter (check manual)
• Oil filter wrench (to remove old filter)
• Spanner to remove sump plug (at bottom of engine sump)
1. Park car on level site with engine slightly warm (helps get oil out quicker)
2. Loosen sump plug, push drain tray under plug & screw plug out (be careful if oil is hot, not to burn yourself)
3. Fit oil filter wrench over filter & loosen, some oil will drip out so have a tray to catch it. Spin filter off quickly to avoid mess
4. Dip finger tip in some clean oil & rub onto rubber ring of new filter (oh & be sure the filters are the same before applying). Spin new filter on & hand tighten only
5. Replace sump plug when oil has finished draining & tighten with spanner
6. Add new oil in filler cap on top of engine, (usually 3.5 liters, but check owners manual) & check dipstick till correct level is reached. Remember that the filter is still empty, so level will drop when engine is started & will have to be topped up again (+/- 500 ml-1 pint)
7. Clean up, wipe any spillage, last check of level after engine is started. PLEASE DISPOSE OF OLD OIL RESPONSIBLY, not down the drain. Take it to a workshop or oil recycling depot
There, you are done. Not so bad hey?