BROKERS - Life Insurance, Short term Insurance, Investments and Medical Aid.


Lombkor is an independent brokerage, licenced with the Financial Services Board as an accredited Financial Services Provider as well as the Medical Aid Board, which specializes in Life Insurance, Short term Insurance, Investments and Medical Aids.

By representing most of the larger insurance companies in South Africa, we are able to offer above average service to all our clients.

We at Lombkor believe in One Broker (independent) ... one SOURCE ... one Call. We take the safety of your assets and your financial survival very seriously!!

The one thing which I have learnt over the past 23 years is that most people simply want One Risk advisor, One Relationship with One Professional Insurance Broker to provide the best risk management advice together with the best value for your money while offering solutions to protect your families as well as your assets. When we ask you to buy insurance, we realize that we are asking you to take a "small loss" to avoid an unknown "bigger loss". Most of the time we will be able to SAVE you money by combining your cover under one umbrella - under one watchful eye. More importantly, we will expose the gaps and costly overlaps which can leave your entire net worth exposed.

All communication can be done by either personal one on one appointments, per fax or via e-mail. We offer free quotations on all life and short term insurance as well as all medical aids. Lombkor is an aggressive company growing daily into a strong individual, financialy sound company with over 50 years of combined personal service in the insurance industry.

We work for you - the client!

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Telephone: 044 382 6008
Cell: 082 882 8159

LOMBKOR - Independent Brokerage and Financial Services Provider Garden Route
46 Main Rd, 12 Pledge Square
Knysna, WC
South Africa