Beautiful Modern Garage Doors from Tradirrs Knysna.


The outside of our houses are just as important as the inside and, whether we acknowledge it or not, the first thing we see when we arrive at home - The Tradirrs in Knysna will supply and install a variety of beautiful modern garage doors. Choose one that will make you glad to arrive home even before you open the front door!

We all know the advert where the whiff of coffee drags a pair of shoppers into an antique store or where a boy's birthday present is his friends covering him in deodorant. While these advertisements may be highly exaggerated, we do experience the world through our senses.

If you ever lived somewhere, no matter if you rented - or owned or even if you lived with your parents - you know what a difference a lick of paint can make. We spend thousands of rands to decorate our homes on the inside and create a place that we call home.

Visit us for assistance in choosing the perfect Garage Door for your home!

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