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Business listing
26/02/2019 - 15:45

Sound equipment rentals, sales and event staging: Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, Projectors, EQ, Crossovers, Drive racks and Lighting for Concerts, Conferences, Church services, Clubs, Weddings and Parties, etc.

We offer Large- &- small format event staging at very affordable prices

Business listing
30/11/2018 - 09:11

SND Production’s a leading sound, engineering and stage production company in the Garden Route. Our people are problem solvers, product designers, sound nuts, lighting fundi’s, stage gurus, music lovers and gear junkies.

Essentially, SND Productions create, integrate, manages projects and distributes professional audio, AV, lighting and staging solutions.

SND Production offers a variety of services in different industries, all over the world.

We specialize in Live events, corporate, wedding, product launches and music tours.

Shop & Rentals
Rent our equipment for your own event (dry hire). Or buy some equipment from our in house shop.

We offer the opportunity for scholars to be freelancers & train with our professional crew.

We provide specialized studio and audio recording services. i.e. Voiceovers, bands, recording sessions.

Live Sound
Culture events
Tourism and film festivals
Architectural lighting
Staging / Trussing
Projection screens and LED screens
Corporate events
Fashion shows
Gala dinners

Blog entry
30/09/2019 - 09:46

We would like to hold the attention of all our blog readers and direct it towards the SEDA accredited training programmes that are being offered to the unemployed, especially to those in George right now.

SEDA is offering generic management and entrepreneurship training for free to all who apply to enroll in their certified programmes granted that you apply with your ID, CV and matric certificate in order to process your application. We would like to urge those unemployed individuals to apply for the courses and training as it can only benefit your future.

They have recently started advertising this opportunity and the sooner one can apply the better the odds are of making use of this fleeting golden ticket of free education. We wish all of those in our local community the best of luck in their endeavours of self improvement and education.

We will be taking part and promoting these movements for as long as we can in hopes of changing lives and making a local impact.

Blog entry
13/09/2019 - 16:01

The SND crew will be doing their thing to be part of the annual “Dames Aktueel” event taking place in the Eden Place venue located in George, Western Cape.

The event is dedicated to the awareness movement on woman and child abuse around the world, but specifically in South Africa. The event has sold out at 600 tickets!

The theme “Borrel en Bruis” and will have guest speakers, local artists and other performances such as Elvis Blue, Michael Lindt, Myan Subryan, Heinrich Terblanche Kelly Fourie-Bernard, Johnny Klein as well as dance schools known as “Soul to sole and Carpe Musicam.

The event is informative, relevant and most important of all, addresses a serious reality that we must face and address appropriately. We would just like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude toward the event for what they are doing and for allowing us to take part in it in order to show our sincere support toward this sensitive cause. We wish a safe environment on all women and children of the world and will do what we can in the struggle to improve our world and country.

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Blog entry
23/08/2019 - 14:45

Are you hosting an event? Planning on celebrating a birthday party in style? Are you looking into launching a product and need to hire equipment or even find yourself needing advice on how to go about these things?

Here at SND Productions, we would love to get involved in all of that by offering our equipment rental services to you! We are keen on collaborating with our many communities in the Garden Route and would be more than happy to even just provide you with professional advice on how to go about these sorts of things if you are unsure of how it works or if it is your first time.

So, come in and talk to any of our friendly SND crew members who will jump at the opportunity to help in any way we can.

Blog entry
08/08/2019 - 10:24

SND Productions has the absolute honour to do the sound & set-up for the Southern Cape Children’s choir performing with South African legend PJ Powers! It is to place on Women’s Day here in George Civic Centre and will be supported over 25 schools nationwide.

Folks, this is an event that simply cannot be missed on such an important date nonetheless. Guys, consider taking all the special ladies out on this field trip that won’t soon be forgotten. We are positive that there are few things as POWERFUL as hearing the timeless classics of PJ Powers backed by the angelic tones of the amazing Southern Cape Children’s Choir.

Blog entry
31/07/2019 - 17:02

SND Productions was recently involved in the process of launching the Garden Route Mall’s “Community Cookbook” in George, Western Cape. The mall was buzzing with activity, the musicians flaunting their talents & skills and the book was selling like the hotcakes it teaches you to make.

We are so proud to be able to say that we were part of such a communal event! If you have a product that needs launching or showcasing, consider our professional collaborative services, pop in and talk to us, we love planning and innovation around each and every unique product that comes our way.

Blog entry
17/07/2019 - 16:59

To all our Glaskas fans, boy, do we have news for you. Glaskas is coming to George on the 4th of August to perform live in the Arts Theatre! For those of you who don’t know, Glaskas started out in ’n small town in the Eastern Cape.

In 2006, they release their first album and start touring all over South Africa. Deon Meiring, the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player, as well as Lolke-Louis Claassen, the drummer, backing vocals and Francois Kleynhans on bass guitar and backing vocals. Crowds have always been singing along with hits like Verloor Myself, Ek wil jou hê, Meneer en Golflengte Verkeerdom.

The last few years the guys haven’t been focusing exclusively on Glaskas, but they were still making music together although less often for a while. Fans will be glad to hear that Glaskas will be touring again in August 2019. So, you’ll be able to see them on stage again soon.

SND Productions will be doing the set-up in George and they will perform their hearts out as they always do. Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity by buying yourself and your crew tickets to the show.

On a side note, SND Productions is a massive fan of Glaskas and loves collaborating with artists of their caliber in an effort to bring out the highest quality sound for the special event. The next time you have something special event, consider SND Productions for all your sound, set-up and lighting needs.

Blog entry
10/07/2019 - 16:16

In our very own SND blog we have decided to make it our mission to get you, the reader, to see what it’s like working on the inside with the crew of SND. It is not common practice for business to allow clients to peek into the private side of the company, but we are not a common practice, we are SND Productions. With that said, in this post we have put the spotlight on the man behind the microphone, thanking everyone for their collaborative efforts, our team leader & master of ceremonies, Ruan Venter.

We asked Ruan what his favourite part of his job was as team leader and overseer of SND Productions to which he said that his all-time favourite is getting to work with the people he truly loves as well as serving a fun purpose with his passion for music. The part Ruan finds most difficult is putting on the “leader hat” and having to be the one to enforce the correct sort of work ethic and attitude into the crew that will make them most efficient as well as figuring out which strategy will work best.

A hidden challenge that one might not know about unless working in a similar setting is that of keeping a consistently excellent service going in the Garden Route as it isn’t always the most forgiving clientele in the country. Ruan says that to remain on-top of quality, one must wake up with the mindset of achieving big everyday, even on the days you feel like laying in bed.

Secret perks of the job are as you could have guessed, meeting the amazing artists SND Productions brings in on a monthly basis, but the biggest being the reward of hearing that a customer is more than satisfied with the service you provided them with.

Ruan reports that if he never got into this particular line of work he has no idea what he would’ve done instead, but suspects that it would involve being a professional athlete. He says that it isn’t a dream that is out of the window and that he might still pursue it one day.

Ruan, we owe you a great debt and carry a quality of respect that only a leader could muster in men. In conclusion, you realised that sometimes you have to run before you can walk and we love that if we were to reduce you to your core, that would be your essence.

Blog entry
03/07/2019 - 13:40

This might just be our final post on life on the greener side of the fence. We dedicate this mini series to what it’s like when working for SND Productions. We’ve explored our many facets of the business from events management through to shop keeping, but in this particular post we wanted to take a look at what it’s like to be a rental manager in SND Productions.

We asked dear Sven what his favorite part of the job was to which he said that, even though he isn’t always directly involved, he loves the opportunity to see all the live shows & deal with the clients that rent equipment from SND Productions. Sven, if you’re reading this, if ever there was a right answer, it would look like this one!

The hardest part of the job for Sven is arguing with his fellow employees, he says he dislikes confrontation between people with whom you work in such a tight approximation with on a daily basis. He might look the part of a hardened veteran, but he’s an old softy.

The most challenging part of the job that you might not know of when working as a rental manager is working with all the different types of clients and maintaining those relationships so that business can always be conducted smoothly. It is a lot more work that you would think and it is like doing laundry or washing dishes in the sense that it never ends, it’s always a maintenance of in and out.

The secret perks of the job according to Sven is that of being paid to watch amazing shows and of course, meeting the talent that makes the show come to life. It’s not always a guarantee, but when it happens, it’s magical.

Sven says that in another life he would have been an accountant and that his best memory made working for SND was when they had to do engineering work for 4 weeks straight. On a scale between 1-5 he is a strong 4 on recommending Windows 10 to a friend and on a scale of 1-1000 we love Sven 3000.