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Business listing
26/02/2019 - 15:45

Sound equipment rentals, sales and event staging: Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, Projectors, EQ, Crossovers, Drive racks and Lighting for Concerts, Conferences, Church services, Clubs, Weddings and Parties, etc.

We offer Large- &- small format event staging at very affordable prices

Business listing
30/11/2018 - 09:11

SND Production’s a leading sound, engineering and stage production company in the Garden Route. Our people are problem solvers, product designers, sound nuts, lighting fundi’s, stage gurus, music lovers and gear junkies.

Essentially, SND Productions create, integrate, manages projects and distributes professional audio, AV, lighting and staging solutions.

SND Production offers a variety of services in different industries, all over the world.

We specialize in Live events, corporate, wedding, product launches and music tours.

Shop & Rentals
Rent our equipment for your own event (dry hire). Or buy some equipment from our in house shop.

We offer the opportunity for scholars to be freelancers & train with our professional crew.

We provide specialized studio and audio recording services. i.e. Voiceovers, bands, recording sessions.

Live Sound
Culture events
Tourism and film festivals
Architectural lighting
Staging / Trussing
Projection screens and LED screens
Corporate events
Fashion shows
Gala dinners

Blog entry
05/06/2019 - 14:19

Here, at SND Productions, we like to keep things unique and tailored to specific needs. That is not saying we don’t have your vanilla items for the everyday use, but what we are saying is that we make custom SND speakers that will deliver on whatever you need specifically from a set of speakers. Not many others can say the same!

We encourage you to come on in & talk to our speaker specialist Charles Lamprecht. He’s big and user friendly, just like his speakers. Their quality speak for themselves!

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Or calling : 082 685 9857

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28/05/2019 - 10:09

So, there you are, instrument in hand and perhaps a voice quivering like a bird in song. You’ve discovered your sound and the world needs to hear it. This moment might be years from now or it could be you this coming Saturday.

Be sure to know who to call when this day comes knocking on your life’s door! We love artists and excel at recording them flawlessly.

We have helpful staff and one-stop packages for all your recording needs!

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Or calling : 082 685 9857

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13/05/2019 - 13:56

SND Productions offer the service of setting up wicked Audio Visuals & Projection. We do the set-up, consultation if needed and are keen to brainstorm around any tricky request our client is interested in tackling.

We are always down for a cheeky collaboration on achieving impressive events that are not to be missed. Make sure your event is one of these by:

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Or calling : 082 685 9857

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02/05/2019 - 09:25

We here at SND Productions love mixing things up a little when offering our clients the DJ package for any event or occasion of choice. Having a house party? Best bring in the professional when it comes to house music!

We love to collaborate with our clients & nothing makes our entrepreneurial chest hairs tingle like seeing a plan come together.

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Or call : 082 685 9857

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24/04/2019 - 08:37

As you have guessed, we do an amazing set-up and renting of lighting equipment. You will think your eyes deceive you when you cast your gaze on the glaze cast by our professional services.

We do it all! Set-up, events, product displays and anything else you can throw our way! We love innovation & entrepreneurship and are keen on discussing & delivering on what you might need.

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Or call : 082 685 9857

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15/04/2019 - 10:08

Let me hear you make some noise!

Also, let us help you by taking your noise and enhancing it to its maximum potential. If you ever find yourself in the position where you need some serious firepower in the form of sound equipment, consider contracting us or cutting a deal to do with hiring equipment from us. We are on your side and eager to make your day!

We have friendly staff and exceptional customer service strategies in place to ensure that your event, whatever it may be, is of top tier class.

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Or call : 082 685 9857

Blog entry
04/04/2019 - 13:01

Looking into hosting an event?

We know that it tends to be a rather stressful process to set-up all on your own. Why not let professionals do it for you? Consider what you will be saving in time & stress. Why host an event that you cannot enjoy just as much as a guest? Enjoy the bliss of minimal responsibility and the pleasure of hosting with SND Productions.

We do all sorts of events from weddings to house parties. Whether it is big or small, that’s no concern of ours, we do it all. We even do product launches and corporate functions! How about that.

Let SND help you out

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Or call : 082 685 9857

Blog entry
28/03/2019 - 12:03

Just picture it! You’ve been working hard on your specific venue. It might be a local bar with dim lights and a stage the size of a podium or it could be your gay best friend’s wedding with all its lavish details.

Every aspect has been taken care of accept for the music. What you need is a live band! First things first, deciding on the artist/artists you would like to book for the event. You settle on one, but what now? Do they have a website? Where can you find their contact details? Do they have a manager or do they manage themselves? Where will they be when their tour ends?

That’s quite a learning curve and even if you know all of this, you now need to build up a relationship with the artist, getting them to trust in your credibility. Why go through the hassle when you can outsource it to SND? We have a wide circle of friends among the artists having spent years building up trust within the artist community. Give us a call, tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Book the artists of your wildest dreams with SND Productions!

082 685 9857

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