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21/10/2017 - 10:36

Established in 1989 under the name of Country Health. Philip Wilkinson, upon becoming the new owner, changed the name in July 1991 to Health Hub...U natuurlike keuse!

There is a wide range of products including the following brands... SOLGAR and Solal (supplements, herbal extract capsules & omega oils); over 100 essential oils & carrier (massage) oils; Health Connection, Nature's Choice & Bodicafe (nuts, seeds, grains, dairy free milk powders, dried fruit, gluten free flours etc);
Pegasus, Natura & Bioforce (homeopathic remedies); African Organics & Sheba's (hair & skin care - chemical free); Pharma Germania & Sing Fefur (indigenous & imported herbal teas); Aloe Ferox (hair/skin care & supplements) etc... ... ...

Our motto: Compare strengths & quantities thennnn the prices... without compromising on QUALITY!!!

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13/06/2018 - 10:44

We're excited to announce that Health Hub is being totally renovated and getting a brand new look, watch our space for exciting NEW changes happening!

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(044) 873 2649

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12/04/2018 - 10:56

The Health Hub is an integrative health store situated centrally in George, we offer a wide variety of health products including Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies, Aromatherapy Oils, Health Foods, Natural Skin Care Products and much more! You will be sure to find only the best quality products at affordable prices with us which contain only the good stuff and nothing more!

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18/12/2017 - 17:21

Purchase 20ml and get 10ml tea tree e.o (Australia) - FREE-!-!-!

Offer valid until end January 2018...

Visit Health Hub at 101 Meade Street in George. (044) 873 2649