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Mosaic Market invites you to visit us. Averaging on about 90 stalls, we offer a wide variety of Food, Craft, Art, Clothing, Books, home decor, antiques....
There is ample parking and space to relax in the food court with live music , as well as a play area for the Kids..come and catch up with friends :-)

Open every Saturday from 8 – 2. Come for Breakfast, stay for lunch.

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The Mosaic Market in Sedgefield offers various activities to not only keep the kiddies busy and entertained but also activities for the whole family, a family trip to our market is guaranteed to be a fun filled day!

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Whether you come for breakfast, lunch or to take something delicious home, or prefer organic or wheat free, or love home made ~ whatever it is, we are sure to have just what you desire!!

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You will find the most beautiful hand crafted Curios and Gifts right here at the Mosaic Market in Sedgefield, we bring the handy work of local craftsman to life. Whether you're looking for something special for someone or to decorate your home, you won't be disappointed in what these talented craftsmen have to offer.

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15/03/2019 - 16:22

The Unique Wooden Frames Stall exhibits an exquisite collection of photographs taken by renowned Knysna Photographer Keith Moore. Picture Frames made in our Rheenendal factory. Visit us (Stall 69) every Saturday at the Mosaic Outdoor Market in Sedgefield from 8am - 14pm.

For inquiries you can contact 084 444 2113.

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