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06/03/2012 - 16:26

The walk along the railway line from Wilderness to Victoria Bay is one of the easiest around.

From the N2 take the last/first exit in Wilderness (nearest to the Kaaimans river) and follow Sands Road to the carpark at the end, right next to the beach.

Make your way up the bank to the railwail line and follow it all the way to Victoria Bay. The Outeniqua Choo Tjoe used to travel this route before the line was badly damaged during the 2006 floods. The walk crosses the bridge over the Kaaimans river mouth and may be challenging for those with severe vertigo.

The walk is very scenic with plenty of photo opportunities - on occasion even whales and dolphins may be spotted.

The route meanders through a couple of tunnels and past an old restaurant tucked snugly into a cave. The beautifully kept premise is both eery and surreal. If Neptune or Ariel should show up, nobody would be too surprised. A special train cart used to deliver passengers to the restaurant and then return them to Wilderness station but now the tables only hint at the memories of merry.

The last tunnel brings a beautiful view of Victoria Bay spread at your feet and you will find a path down to the bay just past the forlorn sign announcing that you arrived at Victoria Bay. Make your way down and enjoy some refreshments, swim if the weather is nice and relax a little before you make your way back to Wilderness.

Remember to pack some water and plenty of sunscreen for this walk!

Should you be interested in more information about the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe:

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14/07/2012 - 08:18

From Outeniqua Farmers' Market's Deon Mocke

Due to the current weather and grim predictions for tomorrow of 50mm rain and gusts of up to 54km/h from Cape Town's weather service, Outeniqua Farmers Market decided not to open tomorrow, 14 July 2012.

They are very sorry, but believe it would be best and safest for everyone.

They'll see you all next Saturday for sure!

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29/02/2012 - 00:08

February 29 is an intercalary day.

A leap year happens every four years when a day is inserted in the calendar to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year. Such a day is called an intercalary period or day.

[in-tur-kuh-ler-ee, in-ter-kal-uh-ree]


1. interpolated; interposed.
2. inserted or interpolated in the calendar, as an extra day or month.
3. having such an inserted day, month, etc., as a particular year.