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23/08/2013 - 19:32

Excitement is brewing ahead of the fifth annual Gourmets & Gourmands evening on 24 August 2013. Over the
past few weeks we have spent time discussing the event, its partners and its ultimate goal to raise funds for
the Carpe Diem School. But apart from seizing the day, every day, what goes on behind the walls of this
school? Who drives these initiatives? And who takes such special care of these angel children of our Garden
Route community?

Opened on 1 July 2000 in George, this special needs school caters for learners with physical and mental
challenges and disabilities. The 282 students who come from all over the Southern Cape (Riversdale,
Albertinia, Mosselbaai, Hartenbos, Little Brak River, Great Brak River, George, Hoekwil, Sedgefield, Karatara,
Knysna, Plettenbergbaai, and the Cragg’s) participate in sport, academic and therapeutic activities and 84 of
the learners are housed in the boarding house on the school premises.

When it comes to staff members, the school has 25 incredibly dedicated and loving teachers who constantly
find new and exciting ways to inspire these precious minds. They are fervently led by headmaster
extraordinaire, Karools Hauptfleish. As part of the staff contingent, the therapy team consisting of a
psychologist, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and a speech therapist plays an important role in the
school’s holistic approach to education. The school also has an inclusive teaching team comprised of a
psychologist, a learner support teacher, and an occupational therapist as well as a nurse and a nursing
assistant, 9 house mothers, 6 class/buss assistants, 6 drivers, 13 general labourers and 5 administrative staff
members. The school is also fortunate to have 3 passionate patrons (Francois Ferreira, Johan Nel and the
Hansie Cronje Trust) who provide new platforms of visibility and possibility with their influence and reach.

All of these staff members and volunteers have one integral characteristic in common which makes this team
an incredibly special unit, and that is passion. Their work is never easy as they have to deal with heart
wrenching and heart warming moments on a daily basis, but they believe that work well done is ultimately
worth all the effort. “And no feeling in the world beats the smiles you are greeted with every day,” according
to one of the teachers.

The theme of the 2013 Gourmets & Gourmands supported by Hartmans on behalf of Carpe Diem School
salutes 50 years of James Bond with “Diamonds are Forever”. The theme song for the tenth Bond movie, the
1977 smash “The spy who loved me” fits perfectly not only with the theme, but with the dedication and heart
of the staff members when it says, “nobody does it better”.

Tickets for the Gourmets & Gourmands supported by Hartmans on behalf of Carpe Diem School event are
available at R600 per person. For more information about tickets, the event, Carpe Diem School or about how
to get involved, feel free to contact the school or email To become a sponsor or
share your talents as a volunteer at the Carpe Diem School, contact them, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook in the group Carpe Diem Skool, Georg

Headmaster of Carpe Diem Karools Hauptfleisch - a perfect example of Passion in
Gourmets & Gourmands media launch
Gourmets & Gourmands media launch
Francois Ferreira  Susan Pretorius