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George (MARCH 2014) – Mel Botes is thrilling audiences again with the second chapter in his series of Pink Floyd Tribute shows.
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Die Relay for Life vind op 15 en 16 Maart by Carpe Diem Skool plaas. Spanne kan by die spankapteinsvergadering inskryf, of vir Lisle Huisamen by 076 272 4505 skakel.

Spanne kan bestaan uit enige 10 tot 15 individue. Lede van die span maak beurte om om die baan te stap van 17:00 die Saterdagaand tot 05:00 Sondagoggend.

Dit begin om 18:00 by die Carpe Diem-lapa. Elke persoon word gevra om R10 saam te bring vir 'n demonstrasie oor hoe om 'n geldinsamelingsprojek te loods.

Geld wat ingesamel word, word aangewend om plaaslike bewusmaking van kanker in alle gemeenskappe te bevorder asook om kankernavorsing te doen. Alle dienste wat deur Kansa se kantoor in Merrimanstraat aangebied word, word deur geldsinsameling gefinansier.

Enige organisasie of individue wat meer wil weet oor die Relay en wat as borg of as vrywilliger vir die dag kan optree, kan Adele Potgieter kontak by

Volg die Relay for Life op Facebook:

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08/02/2014 - 11:17


SOUTH AFRICA (February 2014)–It is a new year which of course means challenges…challenges we can overcome together and later stand back and admire the miracles we lived as one. Pink Trees for Pauline will, like in 2013, strive to promote quality of life for cancer patients and their families during and after cancer. Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer will be the focus of World Cancer Day 2014 (4 February 2014) under the tagline “Debunk the myths”. These myths will only be dispelled if we work vehemently towards unveiling them as just myths and if we advocate the truth.

Probably the most obvious myth in our cancer communities is “I don’t have the right to cancer care”. John F Kennedy said “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”The challenge will be to reach as many as possible communities, especially in the rural areas to communicate the facts about cancer. That will only be the first step, and the simple one. The most important message about cancer is communicated through our actions. By creating awareness about cancer and raising funds to support cancer communities we commit to being there where we are needed most. We must get the message across that all people have the right to access to cancer care.

During the Pink Trees for Pauline drive in 2013 we witnessed miracles every day…miracles of volunteers working fervently to create awareness wrapping thousands of trees in pink along kilometres of roads all across South Africa and Namibia. People from all walks of life worked together with one objective in mind – to help people in need in their cancer communities in their own towns.

Pink Trees for Pauline also played a substantial role in empowering communities to take care of their own. And with what people came to learn about themselves and each other during the 2013 drive they will be able to impart knowledge about cancer in order to dispel myths. The message Pink Trees for Pauline will carry forward into 2014 is still one of Love, Care, Acceptance, Calm and Hope.

In 2013 some 55 towns across South Africa and Namibia embraced the initiative and stunned cancer communities with their enormous hearts. In 2014 more than 100 towns have already committed to help cover South Africa and Namibia in pink! This means double the number of feet, hands and hearts working as one to create awareness and raise funds to support cancer communities and their families. This means that maybe the next time when a scared seven year old boy has to go for chemotherapy 500km away from home his mother will be able to travel with him. This means that in future ‘the right to access to cancer treatment” will mean that ‘treatment’ will include a loved one…not going on this journey alone.

Charlotte Lunsford said “We don’t always know whose lives we touched and made better for our having cared, because actions can sometimes have unforeseen ramifications. What’s important is that you do care and you act.” May 2014 be the year in which we care more and act with greater impact!

If you need more information regarding Pink Trees for Pauline contact Managing Director Adri van Nieuwenhuizen on +27 82 460 6386 or email Visit and the newest information.
More information:
Media Release for Pink Trees for Pauline
Adri van Nieuwenhuizen 82 460 6386
Media Release by interface by goji

Mimi Finestone +27845833144

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Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

Relay for Life is a unique, challenging and fun way to raise money for CANSA in any community, large or small, and to raise awareness of cancer and the work of CANSA.

This celebration is more than a fundraiser; it’s an event that reaches into the community to bring together neighbours, friends, work associates and families to celebrate those who have survived cancer and remember those who have not. Cancer survivors are recognized during a Survivors Lap and are involved in a variety of activities.

The Relay for Life involves a team of walkers/runners competing against each other to raise the most money for the Cancer Association of South Africa. The Relay for Life of George will be held at Carpe Diem School grounds on the 15th and 16th of March 2014. The event lasts from 15:00 Saturday afternoon to 06:00 Sunday morning. A Luminaria ceremony highlights the evening’s activities as survivors are honored and those who have not survived are remembered. The Luminaria service will be held at 20:00 on Saturday night.

There are several ways in which your company could get involved with sponsorship:

Benefits to Your Company
For Participating in the Cancer Society of South Africa’s
Relay for Life

• Relay for Life raises funds for health initiatives, and that is great for your bottom line. When cancer strikes your business, productivity lowers, future earnings are restricted, health insurance and disability costs rise and absenteeism increases.
• Relay for Life gets your name out in the community! It demonstrates to your market that you care about the quality of life in your community. It improves your public image.
• Relay for Life gives your company the opportunity to make a positive statement about cancer survivorship, perhaps by participating in honor of an employee currently battling the disease.
• Relay for Life opens the door to educate your company about programs of early detection and presentation of cancer.
• Relay for Life fosters team building and boosts morale. It gives your company an opportunity for friendly competition while coming together for a cause that touches everyone.
• Relay for Life makes a great company picnic or party.
• Relay for Life could positively impact product sales and customer traffic.

Please contact vice –chairperson, Nadia Grobbelaar, at or 072 139 3172 if you should have any further queries.


Recognition at any pre-event meetings
Mentioning of your company’s support and generous contribution will be stated at all of the Annual Relay for Life kick-off meetings and other pre-event gatherings.

Written Exposure
Your company’s name will be recognized as a Sponsor of Relay for Life in all newsletters, press releases and publications.

Banner Exposure
Your company will be allowed to put up an outdoor/indoor vinyl banner signifying your partnership with CANSA and your generous support of Relay for Life. Use this banner before the Relay at your place of business, during the event at your tent and then year after year.

Recognition during the Event
Your company’s name will be mentioned as a Sponsor throughout the entire Relay for Life event.

Free teams
The registration fee of R550.00 will be waived for one team representing your company at the Relay; however each member is still expected to collect R100.00 or more for that team.

Corporate sponsorships that exceed R3000 should please contact the chairperson directly to negotiate exposure.

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Been there, done that, got the T-shirt?
Well, not if you haven't partaken in the Great BrakGrabadoo! It is without a doubt the most fun you will ever have on the very last day of 2013. The beautiful little town of Great Brak River is host to this popular family event and tourists keep returning year after year to whoop up everything this gem of the Garden Route has to offer.

Great Brak River is certainly one of the most scenic splendours along the Garden Route, and the routes of the Grabadoo pass through the picturesque surroundings of the village. What better way to discover this captivating piece of nature than by taking part in the best family sporting event of the festive season? Experience the electrifying atmosphere when more than a thousand fun-seekers take on the walk or various mountain bike routes.

And come prepared! You will have to be on very good terms with your mountain bike as you will be crossing rivers while most probably carrying your beloved bike. Once you’ve scaled the majestic mountains the Cape Pine forests will take your breath away. The Grabadoo is undoubtedly the mountain bike event with the most beautiful ocean views. After enjoying some of the best nature has to offer, the charming village of Great Brak will welcome you with open arms.
John Muir said “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” Now, can you think of anything better to do on the last day of 2013 than to take your whole family into nature, to leave their cares behind and recharge for 2014

Entry fees for the specific routes are as follows – 15km @ R60; 31km @ R80; 42km @ R90; 66km @ R100.
Walkers enter @ R35. and the fee for a temporary license for mountain bike distances 31km 42km &66km is a mere R35.

Pre-race entries can be done on Monday 30 December at the Peperboom Restaurant in Great Brak River, or at .
For more information, please feel free to contact Mimi Finestone on 084 583 3144 or email or visit

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GEORGE (December 2013) – Been there, done that, got the T-shirt? Well, not if you haven’t partaken in the Great Brak Grabadoo!
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24/10/2013 - 08:08

GEORGE (October 2013) – On 11 November 2013 the Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort and Spa will be celebrating life in the best way possible. The ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk will be hosted by the Hyatt Regency Oubaai aimed at raising funds for two charitable causes…another first of its kind added to the list of firsts already rolled out by this five star resort. The funds raised by this walk will be allocated to the Carpe Diem School and to the Garrett Ehrman Support Group.

Garrett Ehrman arrived home on Sunday, 5th October and will continue his recovery from a disastrous car accident in September. Garrett sustained serious head and chest injuries and his recovery will be a long and costly process. He has no medical aid and the Hyatt Regency

Oubaai subsequently decided to allocate some of the funds raised by the fun walk to help with Garrett’s vast medical expenses.

The Hyatt Regency Oubaai also recently announced that it has taken on the Carpe Diem School as its official social responsibility project for 2014. This school for children with special needs only receives a minimal subsidy per learner from the government and therefore it has to lean heavily on donations and fundraising events. The fact that the Hyatt Regency Oubaai will be supporting Carpe Diem over the next year was received with great excitement by the passionate headmaster, Karools Hauptfleisch. Part of the funds raised by the ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk will be allocated to the school and will most definitely be used where most needed.

Although this is only the first ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk, the Hyatt Regency Oubaai already expects in excess of 300 participants. This event will take place at the Hyatt Regency Oubaai with its stunning natural landscape and the setting alone will without a doubt surpass the expectancy of everybody taking part. The festive atmosphere will be amplified by the smell of boerewors grilling on open fire, a beer tent and live entertainment of note!

By starting with this great initiative the Hyatt Regency Oubaai hopes to invest in the lives of those in need. The first two charitable causes were identified and in future many more in need will be helped. Margaret Mead said “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”. Join in on the fun and festivities and help the Hyatt Regency Oubaai to make a difference. Celebrate Life!

The cost will be R50 per person, registration from 17:30 and the fun walk will start at 18:00.

For more information regarding this event please contact Milissa Els on 044 851-1234 or email .

16/10/2013 - 18:39


07:00 – 09:00: Ontbyt saam met die SABC/Morning Live.
Daar is nog slegs ‘n paar kaartjies oor vir die ontbyt @ R50.
Die Suid-Kaap Kinderkoor, Die Kambroo Diggers en Michael Lindt sal ook optree.

Blog entry
10/10/2013 - 12:59

SUID-AFRIKA (SEPTEMBER 2013) – Eendag lank lank gelede was daar ‘n vrou met ‘n droom om die nalatenskap van haar moeder en ouma te verewig in haar tuisdorp…maar hierdie is net ‘n feëverhaal. Die realiteit is dat Carol-Ann van Jaarsveldt die nalatenskap van haar moeder en ouma omskep het in ‘n epiese verhaal van hoop, bemoediging en behoort. Die visioen wat sy gehad het is tans die dryfkrag van menige wat besig is om Suid-Afrika en Namibië in pienk toe te draai ten einde nuwe lewe tydens en na kanker te simboliseer. Gedurende 2013 sal mense oraloor Suid-Afrika en Namibië sien hoe alles, met die hulp van Estée Lauder Suid-Afrika, omskep word in pienk…van boomstamme tot ‘n reuse huiskraan in Malmesbury!

Carol-Ann van Jaarsveldt het haar moeder en ouma, beide genaamd Pauline, aan die dood afgestaan as gevolg van kanker. Sy wou bo alles die nalatenskap van van hierdie twee vroue wat albei omvangryke rolle in haar lewe vertolk het, verewig in haar tuisdorp Graaff-Reinet. Dit was die geboorte van die ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ inisiatief, want elkeen van ons is óf ken ‘n “Pauline”. Ten einde kanker bewusmaking te bevorder is al die bome in Graaff-Reinet toegedraai in pienk materiaal. Gedurende 2012 is die nie-winsgewende maakskappy ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ geskep….en een vrou se droom het ‘n fenominale inisiatief geword…een wat ons elke dag verbyster.

Hierdie aangrypende droom van een vrou het nie net vir haar genesing gebring nie, maar dit het ook ‘n nasie in geheel beweeg tot aksie. Binne ‘n tydperk van 8 maande vanaf stigting het Pink Trees for Pauline reeds pienk golwe regoor Suid-Afrika en Namibië gemaak. Wat hierdie inisiatief nog meer uniek maak is die feit dat dit die eerste keer is dat verskeie geregistreerde kankerorganisasies op so ‘n enorme skaal betrokke sal raak. Pink Trees for Pauline is ook die eerste kanker fondsinsameling en bewusmakings inisiatief waar verskeie kankerorganisasies voordeel sal trek uit die fondse wat gegenereer word. Die feit dat 80% van die fondse wat in dorpe ingesamel word in daardie spesifieke dorpe aangewend sal word noop almal wat betrokke is om eienaarskap te neem van die inisiatief. In elke dorp is daar ‘n komitee aangewys en hierdie komitees sal die fondse aan die relevante organisasies allokeer.

Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika het onlangs sy vennootskap met Pink Trees for Pauline aangekondig. Die tema van Estée Lauder Companies se wêreldwye 2013 Borskanker Bewusmakingsprojek is “Lets Defeat Breast Cancer, We Are Stronger Together”. Die doel van hierdie projek is om die fokus te skuif van bewusmaking na doelgerigte aksie, en watter beter inisiatief om dit nasionaal te bereik as Pink Trees for Pauline? Met die ondersteuning van Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika, sal Pink trees for Pauline voortgaan om die lewens van diegene wat geraak word deur kanker, asook dié van hulle families, te verbeter.

Adri van Nieuwenhuizen sê “Die brug wat ons vir ander bou vergemaklik ook die pad waarop ons loop”. Die gees van eenheid is die hart van Estée Lauder Companies se wêreldwye 2013 Borskanker Bewusmakingsprojek……en voortaan vergestald in Pink Trees for Pauline en toegewikkel in pienk.

Indien u enige verdere inligting rakende Pink Trees for Pauline benodig, kontak die Besturende Direkteur Adri van Nieuwenhuizen op +27 82 460 6386 of stuur epos aan Besoek ook vir die nuutste inligting.


SOUTH AFRICA (SEPTEMBER 2013) – Once upon a time there was a woman who had a dream to make the legacy of her mother and grandmother known to the people of her town…this is only a fairy tale. The real story is that Carol-Ann van Jaarsveldt took the legacy of her mother and grandmother and turned it into an epic tale of hope, encouragement and belonging. The vision she once had is now the driving force of many people who are wrapping South Africa and Namibia in pink to signify new life during and after cancer. During October 2013, with the sponsorship of Estée Lauder South Africa, people all around South Africa and Namibia will see everything turning pink…from tree trunks to construction cranes!

Carol-Ann van Jaarsveldt lost her mother and her grandmother, both named Pauline, to cancer. She acted on her dream to communicate the legacy of these two women, who both played significant roles in her life, and made it a reality in her hometown Graaff-Reinet. The ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ initiative was then born, as each of us knows, or is connected to, our own “Pauline”. To raise cancer awareness all the trees along the roads in Graaff-Reinet were wrapped in pink material. In 2012 the non-profit company ‘Pink Trees for Pauline’ was founded and one woman’s dream became a larger-than-life project which astounds every day.

This delicate dream of one woman not only brought her healing, but it stirred a whole nation into action. Within 8 months of its inception the Pink Trees for Pauline initiative was making pink waves throughout South Africa and Namibia. What makes this initiative even more unique is that it is the first time that various registered cancer related organisations will get involved on an enormous scale like this. Pink Trees for Pauline is also the first cancer fundraising and awareness initiative where a number of cancer organisations will benefit from the funds raised. The fact that 80% of funds raised within towns will be allocated to cancer organizations in those specific towns compels everybody involved to take ownership of this initiative. Committees are appointed in all towns and these committees will allocate the funds raised to the relevant organisations.

Estée Lauder Companies South Africa recently announced its partnership with Pink Trees for Pauline. The theme of Estée Lauder Companies’ global 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month is “Lets Defeat Breast Cancer, We Are Stronger Together”. The goal of this campaign is to shift public focus from awareness to increased action, and what better initiative to achieve this with nationally than Pink Trees for Pauline? With the support of Estée Lauder Companies South Africa, Pink trees for Pauline will be able to continue to better the lives of those affected by cancer and the lives of their families.

In the words of Adri van Nieuwenhuizen “The Bridge we build for others makes the road we walk on easier for us”. The spirit of unity is at the heart of Estée Lauder Companies’ global 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign…and from now on also embodied in Pink Trees for Pauline and wrapped in pink.

If you need more information regarding Pink Trees for Pauline contact Managing Director Adri van Nieuwenhuizen on +27 82 460 6386 or email Visit for the latest information.

More information / Vir meer inligting:

Estée Lauder –

Pink Trees for Pauline –

Persverklaring vir Estee Lauder Suid-Afrika

Lulu Ndevu: or 011 516 3000

Persverklaring vir Pink Trees for Pauline

Adri van Nieuwenhuizen +27 82 460 6386

Persverklaring deur interface by goji

Mimi Finestone +27845833144

Blog entry
27/09/2013 - 09:58


SUID-AFRIKA (September 2013) – Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika kondig met trots sy wêreldwye 2013 Borskanker Bewusmakingsveldtog vir Borskanker Bewusmakingsmaand en daarna aan. Die tema vir 2013, “Kom Ons Oorwin Kanker, Saam Is Ons Sterker” is ‘n oproep tot aksie om publieke fokus te verskuif van bewuswording na toenemende aksie, ten einde ons nader te bring aan waar ons borskanker uitwis. Estee Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika het hierdie jaar ‘n vennoot in die Pink Trees for Pauline inisiatief geword. Die doelwit van Pink Trees for Pauline is om fondse en belangstelling te genereer en om die lewenskwaliteit van kankergemeenskappe te verbeter. Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Africa sal gedurende Oktober 2013 grootskaalse bewustheid bring tot die Pink trees for Pauline projek.

Die passie waarmee Estée Lauder Companies kankernavorsing en befondsing ondersteun is vir menige inspirerend. Tot op datum het die Estee Lauder Companies BCA veldtog meer as $48 miljoen ingesamel om wêreldwye navorsing, onderrig en mediese dienste te ondersteun.

Die Estée Lauder Companies BCA veldtog, gestig deur oorlede Evelyn H Lauder mede-skepper van die pienk strikkie en stigter van die Breast Cancer Research Foundation, is wêreldwyd ‘n gesaghebbende spreekbuis vir borskanker bewusmaking wat ‘n globale beweging geïnisieer het wat help om miljoene lewens te spaar.

Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika is ‘n trotse vennoot van die Look Good…Feel Better inisiatief. Oor die afgelope jare is reeds meer as R3 miljoen gegenereer en versprei na organisasies soos die Breast Health Foundation en Look Good…Feel Better. Nou sal verskeie kankergemeenskappe landwyd voordeel trek uit fondse ingesamel deur die Pink Trees for Pauline inisiatief soos bygestaan deur by Estée Lauder Companies, Suid-Afrika. Pink Trees for Pauline is die eerste kankerbefondsing en bewusmaking inisiatief waar verskeie kankerorganisasies sal voordeel trek uit die fondse wat ingesamel word.

Die immer gewilde en ikoniese handelsmerke van Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika dra by tot die 2013 BCA veldtog deur Pink Ribbon produkte te verkoop. Wanneer iemand Estée Lauder se Advanced Night Repair en Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion koop sal R10 & R40 gaan aan die BCA veldtog.

Gedurende 2012 het Carol-Ann van Jaarsveld, in samewerking met Adri van Nieuwenhuizen – ‘n borskanker oorwinnares en Dr Pam Kerr, ‘n opvoedkundige sielkundige – “Pink Trees for Pauline” gestig. Carol-Ann het beide haar moeder en haar ouma aan die dood afgestaan as gevolg van kanker. Beide was genaamd “Pauline”...en dit is die kern van Pink Trees for Pauline. Kanker is so algemeen in ons samelewing dat dit nie vergesog is om te sê dat elkeen van ons verbind is tot, of ons eie “Pauline” ken nie.

Pink Trees for Pauline is ‘n nie-winsgedrewe maatskappy wat daarop gemik is om lewenskwaliteit te bevorder tydens en ná kanker. Pink Trees for Pauline daag dorpe nasionaal uit om eienaarskap te neem van hierdie eerste van sy soort fondsinsamelingsprojek en om ‘n verskil in kankergemeenskappe te maak om sodoende lewenskwaliteit en ‘n toekoms te verseker. Gemeenskappe in elk van die deelnemende dorpe in Suid-Afrika en Namibië werf borge vir die kenmerkende pienk material wat gebruik word deur Pink Trees for Pauline om bome mee toe te draai. Die geborgde material word dan verkoop aan die publiek en besighede en hele dorpe word dan letterlik in pienk toegedraai! Die fondse wat ingesamel word, word aangewend in die betrokke dorpe ten einde lewens wat deur kanker geraak word te verbeter. Die hoof gebeurtenis van hierdie inisiatief vind jaarliks plaas op die Vrydag naaste aan die 19de Oktober.


Miljoene mense bereik met die lewensreddende boodskap om fokus van bewuswording na toenemende aksie te verskuif.
$5 miljoen insamel om kankernavorsing, onderrig en mediese dienste wêreldwyd te ondersteun.
Klem lê op die belang van vroeë diagnose en borsgesondheid wêreldwyd deur opvoedkundige brosjures, sosiale media en deur miljoene Pienk Strikkies by Estée Lauder en Clinique toonbanke wêreldwyd te versprei.
Pink Ribbon produkte te koop aanbied om bewusmaking te bevorder asook fondse in te samel vir navorsing.

Estée Lauder se balangrikste nalatenskap was sekerlik die “krag van aanraking”. Estée Lauder Companies Suid-Afrika gaan sonder twyfel menige mense aanraak deur Pink Trees for Pauline te ondersteun. Evelyn H Lauder het geglo dat niemand kanker alleen kan oorwin nie – ‘n gees van eenheid is die hart van hierdie jaar se veldtog.

Een van Estée Lauder se gunsteling gesegdes was "Telephone, Telegraph, Tell-A-Woman," wat natuurlik baie toepaslik is in hierdie geval. Deur ‘n (pienk) kollig op die The Pink Trees for Pauline inisiatief te skyn, hetsy deur watter middel of media, hoop Estée Lauder Companies Suid- Afrika om Suid-Afrika in pienk toe te draai en sodoende ‘n sagter wêreld vir menige tydens en na kanker te skep.

Indien u meer inligting oor Pink Trees for Pauline benodig skakel Adri van Nieuwenhuizen op +27 82 460 6386 of stuur epos aan Besoek ook vir die nuutste inligting.

Vir meer inligting:

Estée Lauder –

Pink Trees for Pauline –

Persverklaring vir Estée Lauder Suid-Afrika

Lulu Ndevu: of 011 516 3000

Persverklaring vir Pink Trees for Pauline

Adri van Nieuwenhuizen +27 82 460 6386

Persverklaring deur interface by goji

Mimi Finestone +27845833144