Jack Sax playing Live at The Milkwood Village !

Live music at the milkwood village wilderness
Event Date: 
30/04/2021 - 18:30 - 21:00

Come join us this Friday night at the Milkwood Village for some Live music played by Jack Sax !
It will be an eventful evening that can be enjoyed at any of our lovely restaurants !
There is a play area for the kids and is definitely a family fun environment to be enjoyed by the whole family !

We hope to see as many of you there to join us under the beautiful Milkwood trees !

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Mother's Day Mad Hatters Tea Party , The Milkwood Village.

Mothers day The Milkwood Village wilderness
Event Date: 
09/05/2021 - 10:00 - 15:00

This Mother's Day we will be hosting a Mad Hatters Tea Party for all the beautiful Mother's out there !

For lot's of CAKE and Bottomless Tea come join us this Mother's Day at The Milkwood Village !
It will also be our usual Sunday Market with our variety of stalls!
Our restaurants are also open for some delicious Breakfast or Lunch !
There will be Live Music and some Pony rides for the kids !


Come join us under the beautiful Milkwood tree's for a family fun event !
R50 per ticket :)


The magical powers of Gemstones!

Faerie Gem Shop Wilderness

At The Faerie Gem Shop in Timberlake Village near Wilderness we believe that Gemstones have remarkable uses, the primary use for gems throughout history has been for healing and spiritual rituals. Although gems were rare and exhibited great beauty, the reason they were so precious was due to the power they imparted to their wearers. It is believed that they are the storehouses of empowerment, transmitted through contact with one’s body. Kings and queens would have gemstones set in their crowns to obtain their potencies.


Health, Safety and Security Consultants

4 Front Consultants Garden Route

4 Front Consultants aims to offer an all inclusive Consultancy Service which will encompass not only on-site observation but also training in the field of Health, Safety & Security to maintain a high standard which in turn will minimize risks on-site to all person/s.

Occupational health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to both Employer and Employee to secure the rights, duties and provisions to operate within a Healthy, Safe and Environmentally friendly workplace.

*Illumination readings
*Sound level readings


Live Music for the weekend at The Milkwood Village Wilderness!

Event Date: 
16/04/2021 (All day)

Friday Night we have Gypsey & Kiki entertaining you from 18:30 and for our Sunday Funday Market we have Martin & Shomon entertaining you from 11:30.

Be sure to book your table at one of our restaurants to get the best spot.

Our market is a local and tourist attraction in the Milkwood Village in Wilderness protected by massive Milkwood trees offering a variety of stalls where many of the Wilderness artists and crafters display their wares, the atmosphere at the market is amazing with LIVE music where local young musicians are encouraged to perform and exhibit their talent.


Come make some magical memories at Pine Lake Marina!

Pine Lake Marina wedding and conference venue Sedgefield

Pine Lake Marina is a self-catering holiday resort 5km outside Sedgefield, in the heart of the Garden Route National Reserve and on the banks of the Swartvlei Lake. It is one of the most beautiful places to stay, with magnificent views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It offers adventure holidays and experiences in nature. We have more than 20 activities & sports facilities.

Book here: https://pinelakemarina.co.za/ or call 044 349 2200.

#bringtheadventure #pinelakemarina #knysna #creatingmemories


Protect Your Plants while also saving water - Greenhouse Eco-Tunnels.


Our Eco-Tunnels are perfect for the backyard rural gardener, urban lifestyle, farmers and nurseries whilst extending your growing season and using less water to nurture your plants is only the start. Shield your plants from disease and wipe out the effects of solar radiation in one fell swoop with our globally sought-after products. These are just some of the additional benefits of investing in one of the most economical yet innovative gardening products available today.


Calling all students !!!

Levelled with Liza Online Fitness Trainer Garden Route

Studies are tough and partying is even tougher - keep your mind and body sharp and in shape in the comfort of your res or apartment...

no matter where you are, all you need is a mat and pair of dumbbells- you can even use filled up water bottles- (booty bands are an optional extra).

Sign onto live Zoom fitness sessions Monday - Thursday and 2 x Fridays of the month, followed by a recording if you are only able to do the session later or the next day.

WhatsApp for details.. proof of student card will be required :)

Call or WhatsApp - 082 659 5009 / levelled.liza@gmail.com


Easter Sunday at Pollcok's Wilderness

Pollock's Milkwood Village Easter
Event Date: 
04/04/2021 - 11:30 - 17:00

Bring your kiddies along for a family fun event by us at Pollock's Wilderness this Sunday !

It will be an eventful day all around The Milkwood Village long with Live Music that will be playing throughout the day!
We will be having a Special on our Kiddies Chicken Strips and Chips + Milkshake only R60 !

Every kiddie Enjoying a meal will be entered And stand a chance to win a Pollock's Mystery Basket !
Come join us in the Heart of Wilderness , The Milkwood Village this Easter Weekend for an Eventful Family Fun Weekend !


Easter Egg Hunt and Dress-up at Milkwood Village!

Event Date: 
04/04/2021 - 10:00 - 15:00

Don't miss out on the Easter Weekend FUN at Milkwood Village in Wilderness on 4 April from 10:00 till 15:00!
* Easter Egg Hunt & Dress-up Competition
* Pony Rides
* Market
* Live Music
* Balloons

Please email us to register for the competition - R5 entry fee - milkwoodmanagement@gmail.com.

There is so much fun to be had, so be sure to head down to milkwood to experience the magic!

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