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1 Stop Car Wash

Visit 1 Stop Car Wash for quality & diligent service!

Wash & Go Special : Small vehicle R30 / Large vehicle R40
Inside Clean : Small vehicle R30 / Large vehicle R40
Engine Clean : Small vehicle R60 / Large vehicle R60
Full Wash : Small vehicle R70 / Large vehicle R90
Wash & Dry & Polish : Small vehicle R130 / Large vehicle R150
Full wash & polish : Small vehicle R150 / Large vehicle R170

Pensioner's Day (Wednesday) Full wash : Small vehicle R50 / Large vehicle R60

1 Stop Car Wash in Sedgefield

Spring Festival hosted by Busy-Bugz

Event Date: 
Sat, 01/09/2018 - 10:00 - 16:00

Come join Busy-Bugz for a fun day full of excitement and laughter!! Join the action and take part in some fun boeresports. Have a snack from the Busy-Bugz food stall.


The National Breakfast from WIMPY!

Wimpy sedgefield Hartenbos
Special Date: 
Tue, 31/07/2018 (All day) - Mon, 24/09/2018 (All day)

Your favourite breakfast flavours, Wake up to 2 eggs, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, boerewors, a pork banger & toast for only R39.90!


Women's Day R29.90 Special at Tuka!

Tuka Restaurant & Take aways Sedgefield
Special Date: 
Thu, 09/08/2018 - 10:00 - 18:00

Treat yourself to coffee and a delicious treat for only R29.90

Tuka will be open 9 August for Women's Day from 10am-6pm


We welcome Sky Polygraph Services and Detective Agency !

SKY POLYGRAPH SERVICES AND DETECTIVE AGENCY welcomes Sky Agency, an agency that specialises in polygraph services and a variety of detective capabilities, to our marketing network.


SCRABBLE evening tonight at The Arms!

The Arms Restaurant and Pub Sedgefield
Event Date: 
Mon, 06/08/2018 (All day)

Join us tonight at The Arms Restaurant for a fun evening of SCRABBLE from 18h30 for 19h00! NOT TO BE MISSED!!

SCRABBLE nights are every 1st Monday of the Month.


Free-range Chicken and Jumbo Eggs at Tuka Chicken!

TUKA Chicken Shop

Visit Tuka Chicken Shop in Sedgefield for fresh Free range chicken and Jumbo / Extra Jumbo eggs that have just arrived as well as regrade ice-cream.

Get value for your money!!

079 995 1515


SKY Polygraph Services and Detective Agency

We are an agency that specialises in polygraph services and a variety of detective capabilities.

Not only do we provide conclusive results of polygraph tests, but also a comprehensive report on each subject including reputation, personal character traits, educational background, employment history and a overall completed profile.

*Detective strategies that will guarantee results and a picture of occurrences past, present and future.
*Assure Clients of complete confidentiality and peace of mind knowing that each case is handled uniquely.
*Provide 24 hour advice following initial sitreps of bigger operations. Flexible services that can be adjusted according to the client's needs.

About Me:

Lynette Heyns
*Conducted more than 11000 tests
*Qualified Forensic Psychophysiologist with American International Institute of Polygraph in 2006
*Member of SAPPA and APA.
*Detective in the South African Police Services for 15 years.
*Specialized training in Child protection Investigations.
*Training in serious crimes.


*Routine testing to activate the mechanical conscious
*Specific Crime Investigations
*Truth Verification
*Pre-employment Screening
*Interviews and character evaluations
*Identifying sexual harassment
*Private investigations into any criminal activity

Polygraph and Law
In South Africa there is no legislation regulating the use of polygraph testing. It is legal to request employees to voluntarily subject themselves to a polygraph examination. It is against the law to compel a person to undergo a polygraph test. The individual should be informed that the examination is voluntarily. Polygraph results can be utilized in labour disputes and disciplinary enquiries. The CCMA uses polygraph results as a forensic tool. At CCMA the Polygraphists has been accepted as expert witnesses whose evidence needs to be tested for reliability. The duty of the commissioner is to determine the admissibility and reliability of the evidence. The polygraph should be used to support other evidence.
Have you been a victim of theft, and need to find out the truth?

Generally employers are permitted to use the polygraph to investigate specific incidents where there is a reasonable suspicion that the employee was involved in the incident, that the employee had access to the property which is the subject to the investigation and that there had been a economic loss or injury to the employers business. Further more if the employer is combating dishonesty in position of trust. The employer is combating serious alcohol & drug abuse within the company.

Our goal is to provide your company with a confidential and professional service in the following investigations:
*Criminal charges
*Employee theft
*Sexual assault
*Sexual harassment

Detective Services

We offer a full range of detective services
*Full company due diligence in South Africa and surrounding countries.
*Individual background checks in South Africa including:
-ID verification Civil checks
-Educational verification
-Employment verification
*Financial intelligence
*Movable and immovable assets
*Technical counter surveillance
*Security Audits
Counterfeit investigations
*Litigation support
*Undercover agents
*Corporate investigations


New DELICIOUS Burgers available at Tuka!

Tuka Restaurant & Take aways Sedgefield

Tuka's new burgers are crammed with flavour and available from today, The Mexican bèef burger is loaded with salsa, cheese, jalapeno, Doritos served with chips & the Tuka Island burger is a massive ta


Variety of quality Awnings from Windovert

Windovert South Cape CC

Windovert offers the widest selection of quality Awnings, Our consultants are trained to advise in providing the best solution to meet your needs.

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