SPECIAL ON Vitamin E Wheat Germ Oil - R19,90!!!!

Special Date: 
01/09/2021 (All day)

Vitamin E Wheat Germ Oil from Health Hub in George offers AMAZING benefits for your immune system & skin, to only name a few! Get yours in-store @ the special price of only R19,90 (was R28) per 50ml!!

Wheat germ oil is extracted from the wheat grain. More precisely, from the innermost part, the wheat germ. The function of a germ is to grow new life which is why it contains essential ingredients. Although it makes up only a fraction of the whole grain, its value lies in its range of outstanding properties. The effects of the golden germ can be won by pressing and processing it into oil.

Wheat germ oil with 5 superpowers:
*Most valuable source of vitamin E
*Consists of 80% unsaturated essential fats
*Strengthens the immune system
*Has a positive impact on blood pressure and cholesterol
*Nourishes the skin from the inside

Health Hub is situated in 101 Meade Street in George or you can give us a call on 044 873 2649!

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