Re-dye your old clothes at R100p/kg.


Ditz Dye in George does Professional dyeing of various fabrics and clothing @ R100.00 per kg, we even guarantee amazing results with clothing that has bleach marks on it, but the item will have to be done in black or navy blue.

Cotton and linen can be dyed either in original or another colour.
Jeans, T-shirts, trousers & even couches or chairs with removable material can be dyed.

Dying is done in batches of 5 kg only, for example if you only want to dye 1 item it's put into a batch and when the 5 kg is reached the whole batch is done.
The costs works out R80.00 per kg, but for upholstery the price is higher, because the material has to be "stripped", that is to take out all the chemicals and other fluids that might have been spilled on the material, the cost will be quoted.
The most common colours used are black and navy blue, but any other colour is a possibility.

Best of all you save a lot of money and the clothing looks like new!!

Ditz Dye & Coloring