SOUTH AFRICA (September 2014) – During September and October you will see them alongside the roads of our country during. They operate in groups, or sometimes only two or three souls. They stop in the most visible places seemingly unaware of the world passing by. Then they do something strange...they wrap anything and everything with the pink material they carry with them in the random place they chose for no apparent reason. Maybe they will chat for a moment with their partners-in-pink, some even dressed in pink...and then they leave...who are these people and what goes through their heads while they do something which may seem strange to some?

These people are the heart and hands of Pink Trees for Pauline, a non-profit organisation whose aim it is to better the quality of life for cancer communities all over South Africa. Throughout South Africa hundreds of people, residing in the 96 (plus) towns listed to take part in the project, wrap trees in pink material in order to raise funds and bring awareness to all types of cancer. We all carry people in our hearts whether it is a lifelong friend or family members...people who played a part in our journey through life. These are also the people who will move us to step up and participate in a project that touches our hearts.

When you ask the Pink Trees for Pauline volunteers what goes through their minds while they wrap trees in pink, the universal answer is love. A deep founded love for people who are fighting cancer, for the families of cancer patients, for cancer survivors and in remembrance of those people who lost their battle with cancer. Although they can usually name someone who they think of while they work so tirelessly on this project, there is something deeper at the core of the project...the Pink Trees for Pauline volunteers give unselfishly of themselves to aid cancer communities they might not even know personally. While they wrap trees etc they know that what they’re busy with will add to the quality of life of the cancer community in their own town!

What will your thoughts be the next time you drive past a tree wrapped in pink or when you notice a pillar or gate wrapped in pink? Will you think of all the hours these volunteers worked come rain or shine? Will you think of the epic task of delivering 70km material 50 meters at a time to these 96 towns throughout South Africa committed to help their town’s cancer community? All of this done unselfishly, with hearts brimming with love for those who need hope. George Iles said “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” May the foremost thought going through your mind when you see a tree wrapped in pink be to follow the pink wave and make a difference in your local cancer community. Everybody needs hope…

For more information visit www.pinktrees.co.za and for daily updates visit the Pink Trees for Pauline Facebook page. To speak to Adri van Niewenhuizen you can contact her on 082 460 6386 or email adri@pinktrees.co.za.

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