Panjo the tiger found unharmed

2010-07-28 20:48

Wallace Du Plessis

Cape Town - Panjo the missing tiger has been found after two days of searching which had gripped the imagination of young and old in South Africa.

His owner, Goosey Fernandes, said Panjo was found in a pine forest on the Swartkoppies farm in the Verena area near Bronkhorstspruit.

The big cat escaped from the back of Fernandes' bakkie Groblersdal and Delmas while being taken to a vet in Springs.

"He is stressed out. He has had two lovely pieces of meat now," Fernandes said.

Marcelle Meredith of the NSPCA confirmed earlier that Panjo had been seen and that he had been isolated in a dense area of the forest.

He seemed to be frightened by all the activity and the torches shining in his direction. He backed off deeper into the forest, she said.

But just before 20:00, after Fernandes had called out to him for about 10 minutes, Panjo came out from where he was hiding.

The tired and bruised 140kg animal walked slowly to Fernandes and licked him on the cheek, before Fernandes put a collar around his neck.

Fernandes said he would be taking his big cat home to his game farm on Wednesday night.

- News24