NEW ADSL Ports in Sedgefield

Telkom ADSL

Telkom has informed us this week that their NEW DSLAM is up and running. The new installed equipment caters for another +-540 NEW ADSL Ports/ lines.

Currently there are approximately 140 NEW ADSL Ports available on the NEW DSLAM. The rest of the 540 ports will be allocated as more bandwidth is made available on the DSLAM.


1) Currently we are aware of a waiting list of approximately 80 people.
2) There has been over 40 new (and waiting list members) connections activated this week alone!

We are working close with Telkom's LOCAL installers to expedite waiting list members and NEW requests. If you need help to speed up your connection request, are not sure what package to request, or need help with the best ISP options contact PCMOBILE.

Kind Regards,
Marnus Bezuidenhout
PC Mobile

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