3 course menu for two with free wine for only R330 at Wu's!

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Wed, 14/02/2018 - 11:00 - 21:00

Get lost in the colourful Chinese dining experience this Valentine’s and fall in love all over again. The Chinese chef recommends the set menu for two that includes starters, main dishes and the famous Wu’s deep fried ice cream for dessert. The Chinese chef also offers a free glass of wine along with the treat. All you need is R330 for Valentine’s dinner!

Make a reservation for the 14 of February and enjoy the set menu with your loved one. The restaurant opens from 11:00am up until 9:00pm. Enjoy the colours of love at Wu’s restaurant this Valentine’s day, until next time, XIE XIE!

There is an Ancient tale of a king in China ; his name was Wung. Legend says he lived in a cave way up a cold mountain and his subjects only heard him when he screamed in anguish. No one had ever cared for him or loved him ever since his parents left him to be raised by two tigers. One day, a rose petal fell from the wind. He was intrigued because he had never seen this colour before in his life. Another petal fell and he followed the direction of the wind. He found a kitchen in the midst of a rose garden...the smell and the taste that came from it was as colourful as the roses. “I fare my two pet tigers good fortune” he exclaimed, “For I have found love in this colourful house!”

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Telephone: 044 873 4033

Wu's Chinese Restaurant George
Wu's Chinese Restaurant
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