Time to Rush to the Knysna Waterfront The Hansa Waterfront Rush has enraptured both spectators and its adrenaline pumped athletes alike, who have been lured to the Knysna Waterfront year on year, in its historical Oyster Festival slot, to be a part of the action. The best is you don’t have to wait until July 2013 to be a part of this high speed, drama filled, experience. Hansa have agreed to bring the Waterfront Rush back to Knysna from the 15 to 17 December and the 2012 Summer Season. As a spectator you will be gasping in horror as you watch the two Waterfront Rush gladiators take each other on by firstly having to climb up the Kayak Seal Ramp and get themselves comfortably ready in their Fluid White Water Kayaks. These will be sitting at a dizzying 9m above the actual surface of the water. If you can imagine anything more terrifying for you, watching this can you imagine what it is like for the two racers who are also wondering what it takes to survive the terrifying free fall, let alone start racing the moment the kayaks plunge dip deep into the murky waters. For the two participants taking each other on, their hearts are racing , palms sweating, and at the same time wondering what crazy notion got these up here in the first place. You can hear a pin drop as the starters order ring out across the Waterfront and the final countdown begins. Some are praying, others stare in disbelief that anyone would want to do something like this and then the hooter sounds and they are off ........................... The atmosphere goes from one of absolute anticipation to a delirious state of screaming and shouting as the Waterfront Rush comes alive ! Do you feel you have what it takes to plunge 9m in a kayak into the water below, paddle yourself out of a potentially deep and bubble filled nightmare, before you take on the Hydro Broncs that have a life of their own. Then it’s onto the penultimate obstacles of traversing a cargo net with floating “lilly pad”, which gives the illusion of running on water, to finally paddle yourself under the upper body, gut wrenching, climbing wall to hopefully claim your place and be a potential winner of the R 25 000.00 worth of cash prizes for the top male and female Hansa Waterfront Rush podium ? You just gotta be there, the time has come for your heart to race the 2012 Hansa Waterfront Rush.
Knysna Waterfront
South Africa
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