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Garden Route Botanical Garden George

The Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG) is a 19 ha locally indigenous botanical garden situated at the base of the Outeniqua Mountains in the town of George. The garden itself focuses on conserving and displaying plants indigenous to the Southern Cape region. A wide range of plant collections are divided into several thematic display beds. Each display bed acts as an educational tour, discussing the usefulness of the specific plants both to humans and to the surrounding ecosystem.

A tree identification and displaying project is underway, with 118 trees being labeled so far. As a result of reintroducing indigenous flora to the landscape, theGRBG functions as an important sanctuary for various animals. ± 52 species of butterfly, ± 26 damselfly species, ± 10 frog species, ± 600 plant, and ± 146 bird species species have been recorded and photographed within the GRBG.

The GRBG also supports:

*other regional plant conservation efforts through plant donations, and search and rescue operations.
*community projects,
*and acts as an open-air laboratory and information centre used by local schools and Universities​.

All these activities are managed by a limited number of staff and loyally supported by much needed and appreciated volunteers.

In an effort to propagate plants for the Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG), a small area was set aside a few years ago to grow plants specifically for garden planting. Seeds and cutting materials were collected and cultivated in a small greenhouse until large enough for re-planting into the garden.

Due to public demand this propagation area has been grown significantly. In 2008 the GRBG officially opened a small retail nursery. Since then, the Garden Route Botanical Garden Indigenous Nursery has steadily grown in size and quality. This impressive indigenous nursery boasts over 400 species of plants found naturally in South Africa. The selection includes shade plants, trees, shrubs, ground covers, bulbs, succulents and a wide variety of fynbos species. Funds raised by the sale of these affordably priced indigenous plants go towards bettering the Garden Route Botanical Garden on its mission of preserving the rich floral diversity of the Southern Cape for the benefit of surrounding communities.

Each year, the Garden Route Botanical Garden Indigenous Nursery hosts four Plant Sales in which selected plants are sold at discounted prices. The Yellow Tag Sale takes place on the first weekend of February ( from Friday to Sunday). The Autumn Sale takes place on the first weekend of April. The Arbour Week Sale takes place on the first week of September .Finally, the Spring Sale takes place on the first weekend of October. Keep a look out on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages to stay to date on what is happening in the Garden Route Botanical Garden Indigenous Nursery.


Monday – Thursday : 08h00 – 17h00

Friday : 08h00 – 14h30

Saturday : 09h00 – 14h30
For more information regarding prices and availability of stock, please send your inquiry to or contact the office @ 044 874 1558

Garden Route Botanical Garden