We buy old coins and SA bank notes


At Gold Vault in George we buy almost all old coins (SA, INTERNATIONAL & ALL TOKENS) gold sovereigns , proof coins and OLD SA bank notes at the BEST prices Guaranteed. We buy all war medals & we pawn Gold & Silver(broken or not) & diamonds.

Old Coins
Tickey R3
6 Pence R6
Shilling R15
2 Shilling R15
2.5 Shilling R30
5 Shilling R60 - R100

Tickey(1931) R20000
6 Pence(1931) R500
Shilling (1931) R500
2 Shilling (1931) R500
2.5 Shilling (1931) R1000
5 Shilling (1959) R1000
Silver AFR R1 (1965) R4000
ENG Proof 50c (1965) R4000
Silver R1 (1966-69) R60

Kruger Coins
Tickey R20
6 Pence R30
Shilling R50
2 Shilling R70
2.5 Shilling R80
5 Shilling R800

Gold Coins
1893 1/2 Pound R10000
1892 S/S Pound R10000
Pound R3000
1/2 Pound R1500
Full Oz R13000
Half Oz R6500
Quarter Oz R3250
1/10th Oz R1300

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Cell:083 262 0338
Telephone:044 884 1474

Gold vault Gold, Silver, Fine Watches, Coins, Kruger Rands and Diamonds
18 Hibernia St
George, WC
South Africa