User friendly website interface makes a difference!

Navigation on your website ought to be natural and user-friendly. It enables your visitors to find content within a logical structure. Navigation should be built to direct users to the content they require within the least amount of clicks. A well designed navigational structure ensures good user experience on the website. It plays a vital role in the way Google structures your content. The content that is on the first navigation level will be structured higher than content that is located on sub levels of the navigation. Your home page is the base where navigation should start, structured from the general content to the more specific content. Your home page is the most frequently visited page on most websites and would be the logical starting point for any navigational structure. Breadcrumb navigation is optional but it proves to be beneficial to the site visitors to assist in keeping track of where they are on your website and provides easy navigation to previous pages. Make use of text navigation, well-styled text navigation is aesthetically pleasing, searchable by the Google bots and it displays better on a wide range of browsing devices. | 082 555 8122

Our services include:
 Mobile responsive web design
 Web hosting
 Php and custom programming
 Database applications
 SEO Search engine optimisation
 Shopping Carts (e-commerce)
 Social Media Advertising
 Live chat function

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