SKY Detective Agency offers effective Detective Services!

SKY Detective Agency offers a full range of detective services:
*Full company due diligence in South Africa and surrounding countries.
*Individual background checks in South Africa including:
-ID verification Civil checks
-Educational verification
-Employment verification
*Financial intelligence
*Movable and immovable assets
*Technical counter surveillance
*Security Audits
*Counterfeit investigations
*Litigation support
*Undercover agents
*Corporate investigations

We are an agency that specializes in polygraph services and a variety of detective capabilities.

Not only do we provide conclusive results of polygraph tests, but also a comprehensive report on each subject including reputation, personal character traits, educational background, employment history and an overall completed profile.

-Detective strategies that will guarantee results and a picture of occurrences past, present, and future.
-Assure Clients of complete confidentiality and peace of mind knowing that each case is handled uniquely.
-Provide 24-hour advice following initial sitreps of bigger operations. Flexible services that can be adjusted according to the client's needs.

To make use of our services please contact us on 082 859 7086.

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