The Santam bonus option


Combine car, home and building insurance and get cash back after just 2 claim-free years.
The Santam bonus option is a comprehensive insurance solution which rewards you for looking after yourself and your belongings.

Our bonus option is a comprehensive insurance solution that gives you a cash-back reward if you don't claim for two years.

Use our online calculators to eliminate nasty surprises by ensuring that your car, house and personal belongings are sufficiently covered.

This hassle-free solution gives you peace of mind knowing that your possessions are sufficiently covered – from the latest gadgets and electronic equipment to the contents of your house, your buildings or your vehicles.

Benefit from our preferred supplier discounts and rewards for practicing good risk management, such as improving the security measures in and around your home or installing a tracking device in your vehicle.

It’s comprehensive cover that rewards you – just another way we’re delivering insurance good and proper.

Why choose our bonus option?
●Vehicles, buildings and household appliances are insured under one package.
●Cover for essential lifestyle items such as cellphones and tablets, wherever you go - even outside South Africa.
●Free access to a vital SOS service for emergencies
●20% Cash-back reward if you don't claim for two years.

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