RAWBIOTICS - a non-freeze-dried probiotics.


Available at Health Hub in George: Contains 14 strains and multiple classes of beneficial bacteria - Rawbiotics are fermented at body temperature and contain the full range of natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria necessary for optimum digestive balance, uptake of nutrition and creation of natural vitamins and antibiotics.

Rawbiotics DAILY : Restores the natural bacteria
for optimal daily health and ensure
gut problems don’t develop in the

Rawbiotics GUT: Correct Imbalances that lead to
digestive disorders such as IBS,
Bloating ,Acid Reflux , Diarrhea and

Rawbiotics Kids : Provides natural bacteria needed for
good health and growth by assisting the
body’s ability to create natural vitamins
and antibiotics.

Get yours at Health Hub situated in 101 Meade Street in George or give us a call on (044) 873 2649.

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Health Hub
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