Quality Look and Feel for enhanced website appearance

Graphic elements and images improves the visual appeal of your website and webpages. It does however have an effect on the loading time of your website and it is mostly not readable for search bots. Search bots need text to determine what the images is about. Proper naming conventions provide the search bots with information about the image, ensure that the alt tags and captions are logical and descriptive. Alt tags provide the users with alternative text for images in the case where an image cannot be displayed. Some primitive browsers are still in use today and do not support images. All graphic elements should be optimized for web. They should be the smallest possible size for the best acceptable quality to improve the loading speed of your website.

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Our services include:
 Mobile responsive web design
 Web hosting
 Php and custom programming
 Database applications
 SEO Search engine optimisation
 Shopping Carts (e-commerce)
 Social Media Advertising
 Live chat function

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Quality Look and Feel for enhanced appearance

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