Quality Content and Indexing for better Google ranking

The main objective of Google searches is to provide consumers with relevant and valuable content on what is hosted on websites with good user involvement in the shortest time possible to get what they are searching for.

Google has spent a great deal of time to make it easier for website owners to test their websites and improve it to meet the required standard. The tools are available on the Google developer’s site for developers and website owners to gain additional insights regarding the performance of their website.

Logical naming conventions for your documents and web pages will improve the overall SEO of your website. This method assists the Google bots in structuring your content when crawling your website – a good structure gives your website a solid base in the user and bot friendly section. Friendly URL’s is easier to recall than lengthy cryptic URL’s. Expressive URL’s offers users and search engines more information regarding the page which result in better engagement – users are more willing to open a URL that is understandable.

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Our services include:
 Mobile responsive web design
 Web hosting
 Php and custom programming
 Database applications
 SEO Search engine optimisation
 Shopping Carts (e-commerce)
 Social Media Advertising
 Live chat function

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