Purchase your Sugarless Sweets and Treats today!

There is nothing better than indulging in something sweet without feeling guilty, the Sedgefield Farm Stall stocks the Sugarless Confectionery range in-store providing a variety of sugarless sweets and treats that taste amazing!

The Sugarless Co. is dedicated to creating sugar free products along with other advantages such as gluten free, low carb etc. The amazing taste was only the beginning! The Sugarless Co. has been involved in many world and Australian firsts in the launching of sugar free products.

Come get yours at the Sedgefield Farm Stall !!

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Delicious Sugar free sweets and treats

Sedgefield Farm Stall

Some of the products - more in-store !

Sedgefield Farm Stall
Sedgefield Farm Stall
Next to the Engen Garage, off the N2
Sedgefield, WC, 6573
South Africa