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Raw Pet Food For Dogs & Cats
Our animal friends may have been domesticated – but their nutritional needs have not changed one bit! Join us on a highly rewarding journey towards better health and wellbeing for your animal companions.

The Simply Pets raw food diet has been developed by Dr Anuska Viljoen . A qualified veterinarian, homeopath, nutritionist, clinical pathologist and acupuncturist (alongside many other qualifications), Dr Anuska is known for her relentless pursuit of unadulterated animal health. Through extensive research, she has found 100% balanced raw diets to be absolutely fundamental to the health, wellbeing and longevity of both cats and dogs - and has proven this time and again with her own patients.

The Simply Pets raw diet has been developed and successfully used as both a supportive and even primary treatment for various types and degrees of ailments and “dis-ease”. As such, it only contains the very best ingredients. Ongoing use has resulted in dramatic improvements and sustained health in pets, and of course, many happy animals and humans!

Now you can bring Dr Anuska’s scientifically formulated recipe into your own home, with the Simply Pets range of raw diets for cats and dogs. Made with exactly the same ingredients as her medical grade diets – and exactly the same amount of love and care.

Simply Pets is registered with the Department of Agriculture – Act 36 of 1947

We’ve made 100% balanced raw feeding so easy that anyone can provide their beloved pets with the undisputed benefits of raw. We’re here to assist and support you every step of the way.

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