Fundraising braai for the community of Groenewade park


We at the Groeneweide Park Neighbourhood Watch are working together with our community to make our area safe and protected from all crime and problems.

To be able to do this, we need to have fund raising events that provide us with much needed funds. This in turn enables us to equip our neighbourhood watchers with equipment for their safety and make them more visible when on patrol.

With that being said, we are planning a fundraiser chicken-braai on the 30 th of March. We plead for your assistance in any which way you can, and ask for any kind of sponsorship towards making this day a resounding success.

Sponsorships can be in the form of a voucher or products that we can use on this day.

We will be having a raffle with various prizes on offer, depending on gifted vouchers and donations.

Any food products donated will be sold on the day.

If you are able to assist it will be greatly appreciated. Please find my contact details below.

Kind Regards

Jenika Cilliers
Cell: 079 438 9748
Groeneweide Park Neighbourhood Watch

The sponsors will also be able to put up banners that day for advertising.

George, WC
South Africa