FRESH FISH has just arrived off our boats!!!

COME GET YOUR FRESH FISH at Cachalot George / Mossel Bay - we receive fresh fish from our own boats to assure our clients only receive the best quality and freshest fish in town, visit our store in George or Mossel Bay!

Our unique selling point is that we offer fresh fish from our own boats. Therefore, when we say ‘it’s fresh’, we can say it with authority, as we know exactly when our boats go out and when they return. Our frozen seafood products include prawns, mussels, calamari, snoek and many more.

Apart from our fresh fish and frozen seafood offering, Cachalot’s take aways are ever popular adhering to their standards of being deliciously fresh.

Our fresh hake, calamari, snoek and chips is an all time favourite take away. Cachalot is also a preferred supplier of fresh fish to a number of up market hotels, golf resorts and restaurants. We are therefore also looking forward to be of service to other chefs and restaurateurs. “We are also in the position of catering for the angler’s needs, in being able to supply a range of bait required.”

For any information, contact them at 044 873 0755 or send email to

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Contact No’s
Voorbaai Shop: 044 695 0094
George: 044 873 0755


Cachalot Fisheries
Cachalot Fisheries
George: 80 York Street / Mossel Bay: Louis Fourie Road Voorbaai
George / Mossel Bay, WC
South Africa