EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Workshop

Are you looking to create transformation for yourself or your clients?
EFT is about restoring your mind, body and spirit to a state of harmony & balance so you are not limited by negative emotions from the past.
It is a combination of 2 sciences: acupuncture (but without the needles) and mind body medicine.
Now introduce Matrix Reimprinting & the results are nothing short of spectacular.
Emotional healing means looking at our heart pictures, unconscious limiting beliefs and generalisations and judging them not on whether they are true or false but if they are resourceful or not.
If we change these pictures, the stress goes away and the immune system will heal disease or emotional trauma.
When you heal these wrong beliefs you will also heal the blocks to success, prosperity and relationships.
Workshop to learn these amazing tools:
When: Dates to be confirmed
Investment: One day EFT workshop R950.00
Special price of R1200 for both EFT & the Matrix Two day workshop
Course Presenter: Lana Ackermann

Lana has explored the field of energy psychology for over 10 years searching for healing modalities to heal negative belief patterns that result from past hurts, abuses etc.

She is an accredited EFT Trainer (AAMET), Couples Counsellor & Life Coach

Please contact for further details.
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South Africa
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