The Arts of Africa have a history that is just as beautiful as the items, at Urban jungle we offer some of these items for your home.

The Bamileke people of Cameroon create these gorgeous tables and stools by hand-carving each from one continuous piece of wood. The wood is carved into intricate webbed patterns that represent the earth spider's web. The earth spider is a symbol of wisdom and its web is believed to be a link between this world and their ancestors. Bamileke stools and tables are handmade in Cameroon. These come in Various sizes and are lovely pieces to add a pattern with a natural element. The prices are from R2280-R5500

Bohero Baskets from Zambia , are made by the Bohero people using plant fibres and are use for carrying and storing food.
We have a variety of sizes and colours
Natural / White / Grey / Black ( XXL R4500;XL R3800; L R1800; Medium R980 and Small R150)
If you are looking for a specific colour we can definitely make that happen.

Shell Necklaces are worn at special occasions and celebrations and prices range from R2200-R3000

These are just a few of the beautiful African inspired decor pieces we have that bring nature into your home

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South Africa
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