Christmas Special - Advanced Powerplate Exercise Machine R1940!

This advanced Powerplate comes with additional accessories to maximize your results, 10 minutes of Powerplate training is equal to 1 hour of ordinary training! With the Powerplate you still have enough time to get in shape for Summer! Order yours TODAY - 081 296 8990. Delivery can be arranged, limited stock available!!

This Powerplate comes with different accessories which also include a bicycle seat accessory that can be attached for sitting exercises or removed for standing exercises, this machine is equipped with double unbalanced motors that are designed with independent programs as the accessory setup for beautifying body and improving figure as well as Weight-loss!!

* REDUCES CELLULITE * accelerate weight loss * Enhances skin and tissue elasticity
* Increase bone density & prevents osteoporosis * IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION & METABOLISM
* Toning and strengthening muscles * Anti-stress and relaxation * balances hormones body needs to burn fat
* very low impact on joints * Stimulates Alvin, enhances digestion *Activates joints, soothes arthritis ache

The Powerplate Exercise Machine Superior quality to many other generics on the market ONLY...R1940,00 !!!

Contact Natalie: 081 296 8990


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