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Welcome to Pet Food Depot. We take pride in offering our clients only the very best in Pet Nutrition, as sound nutrition is vital to your pet's health.

Core Values

Sound nutrition is essential to your beloved pet’s health. We pave the way for a life of optimum wellness and joy for all pets alike.

We pride ourselves on our customer (and pet) service. We are focussed on meeting your pet food requirements as needed.

Payment options:
A beloved pets’ journey to good health based on our biologically appropriate feeding, is a marvellous thing to witness.

At Pet Food Depot we educate you about pet health and nutrition which increases the overall quality of life of your pets.

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to provide high quality, healthy and affordable pet food to our customers. At Pet Food Depot we are inspirited to make a difference in the life’s of pets and their people. Our vision is to build a global leading Brand with a loyal group of customers, and we believe that all pets deserve to be happy healthy and loved.

We are very proud of our brands:
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Pet Food Depot
18 Hibernia Street

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Pet Food Depot in George

Pet Food Depot George
Pet Food Depot
18 Hibernia Street
George, WC
South Africa