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4Front Consultants offers an all inclusive Consultancy Service which will encompass not only on-site observation but also training in the field of Health, Safety & Security to maintain a high standard which in turn will minimize risks on-site to all person/s. Occupational health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to both Employer and Employee to secure the rights, duties and provisions to operate within a Healthy, Safe and Environmentally friendly workplace.

4Front Consultants carry out the following services
*Audits ~ Safety and Security
*Construction Health & Safety Plans
*Safety Agent
*Drawing up Client Coherent Safety Plans
*Converting contracted Security to in house operations

Motivation is a critical issue; it is at the heart of your own well-being and Business’s success. The workplace motivation that one should be concerned about is the high level of performance that brings results in meeting and exceeding organizational objectives. Training is at the heart of achieving high performance.

First Aid training level 1 ~ 2 days
First Aid training level 2 ~ 3 days
First Aid training level 3 ~ 4 days
First Aid training levels 1&2 ~ 4 days
First Aid training levels 2&3 ~ 5 days
Health & Safety Representative training ~ 1 day
Investigations into workplace incidents ~ 1 day
Health & Safety Employee Awareness Talk ~ 3 hours
Basic Fire Fighting ~ 4 hours
Emergency preparedness and response procedures ~ 4 hours
HIV/Aids Awareness ~ 3 hours
HIV/Aids ~ 1 day/HIV/Aids ~ 1½ days
Frontline Reception ~ 1 day
Frontline Professional PA ~ 1½ days
Management & Leadership Programme/Coaching 4 better work performance
One-on-one workplace skills enhancement coaching

4 Front Consultants Wilderness, WC
South Africa
33° 59' 36.546" S, 22° 34' 25.4748" E
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044 850 1012
072 424 4644
086 655 1314
Workshops and Bus Breakfast Club, Safety
Waitron Training

4 Front Consultants - Human Resources & Health and Safety Training in George

4 Front Consultants - Human Resources & Health and Safety Training in George


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